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Implementation of Finite Element Method for Bridge Resistance
Erwin Erwin, Joni Joni

Last modified: 2021-11-19


The bridge problem is one of the structural phenomenon in physical structural analysis. One of the problems of bridge is how to analyze the fatigue of bridge model so that the the resistance of the bridge may be estimate. In this paper the bridge problem will be explained using Finite Element Method in displacement function analysis. The stress-strain number will be written in parameters of bridge model. the displacement function is clearly influenced by the stress-strain value so that the initialization of the initial value will follow the value of the specified parameter. In this paper the displacement function of the bridge will be explained in simulation model. The result of this research is the total of maximum roadway displacement is 2.3233 cm with total maximum beam stress equal to 113.08 and the eigen-frequency is 5.8286 Hz