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Optimization of the Shortest Route With the Dijkstra Algorithm to The Nearest Covid-19 Referral Hospital in Communities Exposed in The Sub-District of Medan Baru
Yan Batara Putra Siringoringo, Asima Manurung

Last modified: 2021-11-19


Finding the shortest route is a problem to find a path that connects two nodes with the least amount of weight. Many methods are used in finding the shortest route. One of the methods used is Dijkstra's algorithm. In Dijkstra's algorithm, the search for the shortest route will go through all possible nodes and then choose the shortest distance between these nodes to the end node or destination. This study discusses the optimization of the shortest route using the Dijkstra's algorithm to the nearest COVID-19 referral hospital in exposed communities in Medan Baru District. The purpose of this study is that people exposed to COVID-19 can determine the fastest route to a referral hospital with the minimum time to get immediate treatment. The initial stage in this research is to determine the initial node, namely the village located in Medan Baru District, then as the final node, namely the Covid-19 referral hospital. The research method is literary and by using google maps to find out the distance between nodes.