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Quotient Seminear-ring from the Endomorphism of Seminear-ring
Meryta Febrilian Fatimah, Nikken Prima Puspita

Last modified: 2021-11-19


Any seminear-ring is a generalization of a ring \cite{Pilz83},\cite{Gol03}. In ring theory, if $R$ is a ring with the multiplicative identity, then the endomorphism $R$-module $R$ is isomorphic to $R$ \cite{Wahyuni16}, \cite{Adkins92}. Let $S$ be a seminear-ring \cite{Hussain16}. Here, we can construct the set of endomorphism from $S$ to itself denoted by $\bar{End(S)}$ \cite{Howie95},\cite{Pinter71}. We showed that if $S$ is a seminear-ring, then $\bar{End(S)}$ is also seminear-ring over addition and composition function. We will apply the congruence relation to get the quotient seminear-ring endomorphism.