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The Learning Trajectory of Entrepreneurship Arithmetic Content using a 3D Printing Company
Kadek Adi Wibawa, I Putu Ade Andre Payadnya, I Gede Upadana Yasa, Rinoanus Edufa Jenaman, Dilla Safira, Gede Indra Gunawan

Last modified: 2021-11-19


In learning about entrepreneurship arithmetic, the teacher does not relate it to everyday life, such as 3D printing companies around the students' environment. So that students' interest in learning becomes low. In addition, learning is conventional with routine questions and does not involve students in constructing a formula. This study aims to determine the learning trajectory of entrepreneurship arithmetic content using a 3D Printing Company. This study uses a design research approach which consists of three stages, namely preliminary design, teaching experiment, and retrospective analysis. The results of this study indicate that the learning trajectory can be practiced using local contexts such as modern activity or other things easily found in the daily activities of the students. With the use of the 3D printing company, the students are stimulated to understand their knowledge of the entrepreneurship arithmetic content from five phases, namely: Engagement with content and context, Story of Entrepreneurship on Video, Concept Deepening, Collaborate to Solve Problems and Making Conclusions. Additionally, the stages in the learning trajectory have essential roles in understanding the mathematics concepts of selling price, purchase price, gross, net, tare, profit, loss and percentage.