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Optimal Control Covid-19 in Jakarta and Its Relationship with Unity of Sciences
Zulaikha Zulaikha

Last modified: 2021-11-19


Unity of Sciences (UoS) is the relationship between science and religion. The arguments in the Qur'an create a unified firmness of knowledge. Mathematical modeling is an applied mathematical science that cannot be separated from its relationship with religious science. Many types of disease research spread modeling have been carried out. The Covid-19 pandemic that is happening all over the world has also hit Indonesia. Many research on Covid-19 continues to be carried out to reduce the number of infections. The dense population of the capital city of Jakarta causes the area to be affected fairly evenly. Optimal control of Covid-19 modeling can reduce the number of spreads. In this research, three optimal controls were used, namely education, vaccination, and treatment. The control effect was able to reduce exposed and infected subpopulations. At the time of the Prophet Muhammad, there was also a contagious plague, namely the press and leprosy. The Prophet Muhammad used the quarantine method that has been applied to cases of the spread of Covid-19.The existence of a link between religious knowledge and scientific knowledge can be seen. By referring to religious knowledge, the scientific method can reduce the level of disease infection.

Keyword: Unity of Sciences, Optimal Control, Covid 19.